KOLBUS SW.E 500 corner puncher with SW.H 500 box machine

For the production of consumer-goods packaging from cross-grooved precut boards with punched corners.

A new way of making boxes
The system delivers boxes with wrap-around lids, slip-on lids or shoulder boxes with precision angles and clean, sharp edges and corners. The boxes are made from cross-grooved, precut boards.

In the SW.A 500 infeed and aligning device the precut boards are separated and precisely oriented.The SW.E 500 corner puncher with four corner knife holders punches the basic shape for the inside tray while board transport is briefly paused. No punching die is required and swarf removal is automatic.The SW.H 500 box finishing module consists of

  • Cold gluing unit for gluing the grooves
  • Erecting unit for the side walls
  • Holding unit for glue drying
  • Delivery via transport belt

All the units are linked to configure the automated production line.