KOLBUS Box processing line SW.G 500

For industrial production of high-end gift boxes with magnetic closure
Automated production of wrap-around boxes with magnetic closure using luxury materials and printed substrates.


The SW.G 500 box processing line positions and glues on the finished box components or the flat-packed folding box with the wrap-around lid.

  • Gentle handling of lined wrap-around lids with magnetic closures
  • More automation and short order lead times
  • Flexible production
  • Consistently high quality
  • Fast format changes make ready
  • SW.L 400 puncher round and shaped holes integrated (SW.L 400M) or stand alone.


The box tray is precisely positioned on the glued wrap-around lid by the SW.B 400 or SW.BS 400 side glueing module. Alternatively the SW.Z 400 is used to position flat-pack folding boxes or other components on the lid section. Finally the finished boxes are output on a transport conveyor.

Both these placing modules are on castors; they can be swapped around by simply rolling the required module into position.